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BNT is committed to offering high quality performance products to give your street car or race car what it needs to perform at its best. As a supplier to many race cars and racing series around New Zealand, our performance products must be of the highest quality to ensure optimal performance when it is needed. See below to find out more about BNT's High Performance products.

Redline produce top of the line synthetic oils that are known the world over for the way they out perform anything else on the market today. BNT is able to offer Redline engine oils, gear oils, friction modifiers and additives in a wide range of viscosities to suit both street cars and dedicated race machines. 
The Xtreme range of performance clutch kits offer a wide range of high performance clutch kits to suit increased demands on clutches in Street, Race, Drift, Rally and Drag applications.

To find out more about Xtreme Clutch and specific vehicle applications visit their website here.

As brake specialists, BNT are able to offer an extensive range of options when it comes to upgrading your brakes.

Whether you are after a heavy duty brake pad or a full brake upgrade BNT is able to offer high performance brake products for a wide range of vehicles. For more info on our High Performance braking products speak to our knowledgable branch staff at your nearest BNT branch by clicking here.

Simota is proud to introduce the true performance filter elements. The Simota High Flow Filter features test-proven, maximum air fiow rate with superior filtration protection.

To find out more about BNT's Simota range click here.



If you require further information or the availability of specific parts, click here to contact your local BNT branch.