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Fuchs supply BNT with their premium range of lubricants. Specialising in Automotive, Industrial and Specialist applications, the Fuchs group is at the leading edge of formulation and application technology.

The Fuchs group is the largest independent manufacturer and supplier of lubricants in the world today. The company, founded in Germany, has a long history of offering quality lubricants.Today their presence in 100 countries around the world proves their competitive edge and provides the company with specialised knowledge thanks to their international market presence.

Fuchs have shown their commitment to the environment with the creation and implementation of the Fuchs Environmental Policy and has shown testament to this policy by being awarded ISO14000 Environmental Accreditation in their Melbourne operation.

Click HERE to find out more about the Fuchs range of Passenger and Commercial Engine and Transmission Fluids.



BNT has worked closely with Xcell to create special formulations of workshop chemicals that are each designed for a specific job in the workshop and perform at the highest level.

The Xcell range covers all your automotive workshop needs with everything from solvents, parts cleaners and degreasers to car and truck wash, engine flush and brake fluid.



Radtech offer a range of long life coolants for use in a wide range of applications from daily driven road cars to heavy duty diesel vehicles, and even offers a red coloured coolant that many manufacturers require to be used in their vehicles. Radtech uses Organic Acid Technology in its products as it provides a longer service interval than traditional inhibitors.



BNT offers a high quality Super DOT4 Brake fluid in 20L, 5L, 500ml and 250ml bottles. This Super DOT4 covers most standard automotive applications and is designed to meet or exceed current international DOT4 specifications. As well as offering Super DOT4 BNT is proud to announce the two latest additions to its Brake Fluid line: 300 Plus Racing Brake Fluid and ESC Brake Fluid.

300 Plus Racing Brake Fluid has been created with the high demands of race applications in mind and is designed to operate consistantly at high temperatures With a dry boiling point of 315°C 300 Plus Racing Brake Fluid guards against vapor lock and maintains viscosity and lubricity to offer brake system reliability and performance even at high temperatures.

The ESC Brake Fluid has been specially designed to be used in late model vehicles equipped with ABS and/or ESC (Electronic Stability Control, or ESP). WIth a high boiling point and excellent viscosity performance, BNT's ESC Brake Fluid is the only choice for use in vehicles equipped with ESC and ABS in order for the vehicles braking system to perform as it was designed to.

If you require further information or the availability of specific parts, click here to contact your local BNT branch.