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Clutch and Driveline

BNT carries a wide range of serviceable driveline components to suit New Zealand's automotive fleet. BNT offer replacement parts for the Driveline from the Clutch to Universal and CV Joints and boots through to Wheel bearings and Hubs.

BNT has an exclusive relationship with one of Australasia's most well-respected and knowledgeable Clutch companies. ACS offer an in-depth catalogue of quality clutch's and components to suit any application.

BNT stand behind ACS' range of products. The companies many years of experience with automotive clutches mean they are able to offer excellent technical information regarding installation and trouble shooting for their products. To find out more about BNT's ACS Clutch range, click on the appropriate range below.


Clutch Pro offers an extensive range of OE replacement clutch kits and components built to the highest standard. The Clutch Pro range covers Japanese, European, American and Australian vehicles. The Classic Clutch range specialises in offering new and rebuilt clutches for rare and hard to find applications. If you drive anything from a vintage to a 70's muscle car and anything in between, ACS' Classic Clutch range has the clutch for you.
The Xtreme Outback range of clutches have been designed for use in off-road, SUV and 4WD vehicles of all kinds. Whether you are looking for a tougher clutch for your weekend 4WD trips or need a lightweight flywheel and ceramic clutch for your dune buggy, the Xtreme Outback range has it all. AG Clutch is ACS' agricultural clutch division and specialises in offering new and reconditioned clutches for Tractors, Forklifts and many other Industrial machines. Covering American, English, European and Japanese machinery, AG Clutch offers a complete range of clutches built to OE standards.

The Xtreme range of performance clutch kits offer a wide range of high performance clutch kits to suit increased demands on clutches in Street, Race, Drift, Rally and Drag applications.

The Xtreme Flywheel series offers an extensive range of flywheels available in Chromoly, Aluminium and Steel. Available in a number of different weights, it is easy to choose which Xtreme Flywheel is best suited to your application.


In addition to carrying a large range of replacement clutch components, BNT also stock an extensive range of Wheel Bearings, Hub units, CV Joints, Universal Joints and other driveline components.

If you require further information or the availability of specific parts, click here to contact your local BNT branch.