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Greenchem's AdBlue meets ISO 22241

Posted on 29 January 2014
  • Approved and used by all the world's leading truck manufacturers.
  • Never run short: Convenient range of refill sizes / 10 & 20 litre packs.
  • Available from BNT Nationwide.

AdBlue also named AUS32, DEF and ARLA32, is a solution of highly pure automotive urea in purified water.  It is used in combination with a SCR-Catalyst system fitted to most modern diesel machinery and trucks.  AdBlue is sprayed in the exhaust fumes and reacts with harmful NOx in the SCR-Catalyst, turning it into friendly N2(g) Nitrogen gas and water vapour.  Here with your machine can reach the emission legislation.

Part No. ADBL20 - 20 Litre Easy Pour Container Part No. ADBL10 - 10 Litre Box

Tags: Trucks